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Before your class:

  • Register with the NJ State Police (link)

  • Book your online class through the buttons above

The following information must be submitted PRIOR to the start of your virtual SORA class.  Email this information to

  • A picture of your state ID (NJ driver's license or official photo ID)

  • A headshot of yourself for your SORA ID.  (No head coverings, glasses, or masks are allowed in the photos.)

Class requirements for online (virtual) SORA:

  • Must have consistent and good quality internet service

  • Must keep your device plugged in during class

  • Must have a note pad and pen to take notes

  • Must have a working webcam, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (you will receive a Zoom link after registering)

  • Test your Zoom connection before the class begins (click here)

NJ State Police monitor our online classes. You must be present the entire time.

Please be advised that it is the policy of the NJ State Police that you must be present during the entire class. If you are absent at any time, you will be required to start the class over again and pay another registration fee. The only excused absences are in the case of fire or medical emergency with appropriate documentation. 

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