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The first step is to register online with the NJ State Police. The application process takes about 10 minutes and costs $75. At this time, you will also schedule your fingerprinting appointment. Please complete this step on a computer - not a smartphone or tablet.


When you are done, please be sure to print out your Temporary Certificate.
*If you have completed this step before and do not remember your login/password, please call this number for help: 201-760-8818



The next step is to register for one of our classes. Our class schedule and information
can be found at the link below. When you've decided which class you'd like to attend, please select it
and go through the registration process.



At the end of your state police application you will see a link to schedule your fingerprint appointment.
Click on that link and schedule at a convenient location for you. 
Fingerprints are $68.98 this fee will be paid on the day of your scheduled appointment. 
Your fingerprints can be done before or after you attend our SORA class.

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