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I need to Print my Sora license !


The State Police will no longer be sending an actual SORA card to your home.  The directions in the next section explain the procedure to either download or print your SORA card. If you are unable to follow this procedure on your own, for a fee of $30 our company will print out a copy of your new SORA card and mail it to you.  Alternatively, for the same $30 fee, we will login to your account, download your SORA card, and text message you a picture of the card.


CALL  201- 760 - 8818  if you need this service .




Try retrieving your E-Sora card yourself.

Applicants who successfully complete the process to become a certified security officer will have the option to print out a paper copy of the approved SORA ID and/or save it as an electronic copy (E-SORA). It is imperative applicants provide an updated and valid personal email address to properly retrieve their E-SORA ID. The printed hard copy and/or the electronic copy MUST be transparently clear upon visible inspection without any alterations. Anyone who attempts to alter, change, and/or misrepresent an E-SORA ID shall be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties. To ensure compliance and to verify the E-SORA ID, Security Agency Owners must properly utilize the HR function to register and terminate all employees (45:19A-3.)

Applicants will receive an “Approval” email notification with instructions on how to retrieve their SORA ID. See sample email listed below:

Mr/Ms John Smith

Your application for Security Officer has been approved. The details of your application are as follows:

Application id: 123456

The approval letter and photo-id card will no longer be mailed to you.

To access your Electronic SORA ID (E-SORA), Login to your e-Apps account as a "Returning Applicant" (CLICK HERE).


Go to the "Security Officer" tab located at the top of the page and select "My Applications." Links to the approval letter and the E-SORA ID will be present. Clicking on the link will open a pop-up window which will display the document(s) to be printed and/or saved as an electronic copy.


If you did not get this email from the NJ State Police Private Detective Unit – call 609 633 9831

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