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I need to download my NJ Sora license 


The State Police will no longer be sending an actual SORA card to your home.  The directions in the next section explain the procedure to either download or print your SORA card. If you are unable to follow this procedure on your own, for a fee of $30 we will login to your State Police account by obtaining  your login and password, and then downloading your SORA card. We will then text message you a picture of the sora card which you can print or save to your phone. We are not looking to make $30 and would much prefer if you handle this process on your own. If you are one of our current students and get stuck - call us. Please have your login and password ready when you call. Note: Upon completion of your finger prints - Your New NJ Sora E-card can take up to 4 weeks to appear in your NJ Sora account.

Step 1: CLICK :

            Click returning sora applicant ; Enter your login/password. (If you do not know your login and password you                                    can retrieve them by hitting the forgot login or forgot password link.  Please note that they will ask for your                                      application ID (temporary certificate number, or Certification number (number on your SORA card) in order to reset                        your login.

Step 2: Once logged in to your account, put your cursor on the word security officer (or armed security officer if                                           applicable) and a drop down box will appear : 

             Click on my applications  (2nd from top)

Step 3 : Once in my applications, your security card should be available;  click on ID card in blue.  If the card will not open, please unblock pop ups

Step 4: Take a screen shot of  Sora E-Card and save to  phone and/or print it out.  No need for a laminated Sora Card as per                    NJ State Police . If your employer needs "Proof of Sora Certification"  click on approval letter and download or                                print same.

If it does not work: 

Remember to Use Google Chrome Or 

If using Micro Soft Edge :

Sign to your account and when it opens click: Armed Security or Unarmed officer depends what application you created and click: My application and you can print out your own card just make sure on your computer setting the "Pop-ups" are unblocked.
-on right top corner there are 3 dots, click on it,
click: settings
click: cookies and permissions
scroll down there are on right side "POP-UPS" unblock them

NJ State Police Private Detective Unit – call 609 633 9352 or email (NJSP Approves your E-Card ) No more physical card or letter mailed .

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