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I need to Download my NJ Sora license !


The State Police will no longer be sending an actual SORA card to your home.  The directions in the next section explain the procedure to either download or print your SORA card. If you are unable to follow this procedure on your own, for a fee of $30 our company will print out a paper copy of your new SORA card and mail it to you.  Alternatively, for the same $30 fee, we will login to your account, Obtain  your login and password and download your SORA card, and text message you a picture of the sora card. (We do not want to do this,  We want you to do it ) If your one of our current students an get stuck - call us.


Step One:

You will need your NJSP Sora Login and Pass word !  Try doing it yourself ! 

Step two: CLICK

as a returning sora applicant ; Put In login an pass word 

Step 3: under main page a drop down box appears : move cursor to over  security officer or armed officer 

Click on my applications  (2nd from top)

Step 4 : On the bottom click on ID card in blue

Step 5 : take screen shot of  Sora E-Card an save to  phone and / or print it out.  No need for a laminated Sora Card per NJ   

              State Police . If your employer needs "Proof of sora certification"  click on letter an download or print same.


NJ State Police Private Detective Unit – call 609 633 9831  (NJSP Approve your E-Card ) No more physical card or letter mailed

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